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solus decor christmas

Are you fireplace ready for Christmas?

Get your home ready for Christmas with the perfect fire place ready to hang the Christmas stockings. Solus Decor design and manufacture a beautiful range of fire surrounds that will suit any any interior; both contemporary and traditional.



The Cornice is an updated version of a traditional, grand fireplace surround. It’s design is drawn from classic mantels found in historical buildings and modernized by the use of polished concrete in place of stone. With a strong, visual presence Cornice forms the focus in more intimate spaces and provides a compelling, structured design element in larger architectural environments.


Fraser is an adaptable modular surround with clean lines and a traditional profile. Its most distinctive feature is the ogee curve which frames the central opening lightening the visual feel of the concrete. The combination of its familiar detailing with its smooth, contemporary concrete finish make the Fraser suitable to a wide range of aesthetic settings.

Designed to be adjustable this surround comes standard with 5 pieces including 2 corners and 3 straight sections that can be cut to size on site. Additional straight and corner parts can be added for a picture frame configuration or to increase height and width.


Solus Fraser concrete fireplace surround mantle



Pared down surrounds that emphasize structure and material. Our Span surrounds focus on the material qualities of concrete and on the structural relationship between cross beam and legs. The detailing on these minimal fireplace surrounds is limited to 1/16” chamfers on all edges allowing the organic surface variations and the mass of the concrete to speak for themselves. Available in four sizes and ten colours, the Spans are adaptable to a range of aesthetic settings.

For a more contemporary take why not try our span squared fireplace, a reworking of the span that defies gravity. Designed for use with wall mounted and widescreen fireplace inserts, the Span Squared is a variation on our original Span surrounds. With the same pared down design and minimal detailing as our standard Spans, Span Squared has a floating quality which works in contrast with the visual weight of the concrete to create a contemporary feeling.


Solus Span cast concrete fireplace surround
Span squared


A modern, modular fire surround that combines clean geometry with smooth concrete, Taper is adaptable, adjustable and sophisticated! Taper is a substantial, contemporary, modular surround with clean geometry and a subtle curve detail. Reminiscent of Deco forms the Taper is rectilinear and modern with a clean, ordered presence. This surround is named for the incline of its front surface which slopes towards the fire opening creating visual depth. The combination of its generous proportions with its narrow profile make it adaptable to rooms of any size.

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