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Working with professionals to provide the highest quality products.

Solus Has Proudly Partnered With:

Solus Decor works with hospitality and industry professionals to provide the best quality fire pits and water features that exist in the marketplace today.

Our fire pits and water features are built to withstand one of the toughest climates on the planet – Canada!

The design process for Solus has multiple layers. Of course, it needs to be aesthetically beautiful but it also must be functional and built for durability and longevity. It is with this mindset that we utilize the highest quality materials to produce the best product anywhere in the world.

If you haven’t specified or purchased a fire pit for some time consider Questions you should ask – SAQ


How we work with design/trade professionals

Working with the hospitality industry is a little different than a residential project. Most designers, architects, and builders need assurance that the products they specify or install will stand the test of time and look as good or better in person as it does on a website.  Solus products set the bar when it comes to commercial fire pit applications.  We have thousands of installations around the world – if you have something that you need to know – call us and we would be more than happy to discuss your site and your specific fire pit installation.

We have first-hand knowledge, expertise, and a range of products to suit the most discerning clients. In addition to that, we have commercial warranties to back it up. 

solus manufacture

We stand by our products

We stand behind the quality and functionality of everything that we make and work relentlessly to improve our products, ensuring they are easy to install and simple to care for.  Solus Canada designs, manufactures, assembles, certifies, and continuously tests our products to ensure that they perform in the field.  It has been our experience that the most important aspect to a trade professional is for the product to perform in the field with minimum effort and maintenance.  Solus fire pits are modular-based fire pits – should a part be required it really isn’t a big fix.  Our units are designed to be “plug and play” allowing for simple replacement if necessary.  Solus has the best warranty in the business to back it up.


Fully certified and ready to install.  What does this mean and why does it matter?

Solus units are certified as appliances just like a boiler or an appliance like a stove.  There is a significant difference in the certification of a burner that is simply inserted into a vessel.  Solus units are tested and certified in their entirety which increasingly is becoming an absolute by gas authorities and insurance companies who sign off on behalf of the installation.  States like MA and CA and provinces like BC and ON have requirements for fully certified appliances in commercial applications. A fire pit must have a listing report to ensure compliance – see Solus listing report.


Solus certification team

How we work with trade professionals

We will make suggestions with you to choose the best products for your project to make sure it stands out and you have a successful installation and happy client. It needs to be beautiful that is a given but it needs to be functional and withstand the test of time.  All of our drawings are on CADdetails.com to assist you in the planning stages.  


What To Expect

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Ease of ordering and installation
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Full certification of all Solus Fire Features
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Warranties on all of our concrete products
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Shipping is consistent, timely and reliable
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Hands on support and after product care

Our products specialists will work with you and help to find the optimal solution for your project. Please email your inquiries to info@solusdecor.com or call us within North America at 1 (877) 843-0572 or (604) 255-2472.

Commercial Project Photo Gallery

Hyatt Regency Hotel Waikiki featuring Solus Hemi Fire Bowls
Hyatt Regency Waikiki featuring Hemi Fire Bowls
Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod – Firebowl
Elevated Halo 48 Fire Table- Kansas City, MO
The Brass on Baltimore, Kansas City, MO - Elevated Halo
The Four Seasons Hotel, Houston, Tx - Firetable
Elevated Halo 36 Fire Table (Nutmeg)
Loews Chicago Halo Elevated
Elevated Halo 48 Fire Table - Victoria, BC
Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC, Elevated Halo
Outdoor Living space at SoBro, Nashville featuring the Fire Table
Drinkwaters, Sproat Lake Landing, BC Canada – Firetable
Elevated Halo 36 Fire Table (Nutmeg)
Elevated Halo at Loews - Santa Monica
Elevated Halo 48 Fire Table (Linen) - Santa Monica, CA
Elevated Halo at St Regis Resort - Dana Point
Elevated Halo 48 Fire Table
Elevated Halo Fire Pit at the Snow King Resort
Elevated halo firepit at Hyatt Pittsburg South Side