Fireplace Surrounds

Add beauty, substance and focus to your inside fire with Solus hand cast concrete.

Solus Fraser Concrete fireplace surround in linen colour


We love concrete and we work to create simple, elegant designs that celebrate its material qualities and are adaptable to endless creative possibilities. Framing your fire with a hand cast concrete surround can transform an ordinary fireplace into a beautiful design element. Our line of surrounds includes modern interpretations of archetypal forms as well as contemporary rectilinear pieces that can be configured in a variety of ways to fit a wide range of environments. All of our surrounds are designed to be used in conjunction with our panels, tiles and hearths for unlimited composition options from spare stand alone pieces to grand feature walls.

Solus Concrete

  • Solus concrete is notable for it’s clean edged, polished surfaces, depth of colour and for the natural surface variations that gives it a distinct material presence.
  • Each surround is cast by hand and is unique.
  • Our surrounds can be installed in and out of doors. Installed indoors they will maintain their sheen and will continue to develop depth of colour as they are resealed and touched. Used outdoors concrete will weather naturally as exposure to the elements wears away the polished surfaces to reveal the fine aggregate underneath.
  • With proper care and maintenance concrete surrounds will last as long as the building, developing more surface character over time.
Hand Cast in our Vancouver Facility – From the first drawings to the final wrapping each piece is individually made with care. Our design process ›