Tiles and panels due to their hand cast nature organic and unique in a variety of sizes



Tiles and Panels 

Tiles, panels and slabs by Solus are contemporary cladding mediums that are designed to be adaptable. Each of our large format concrete panels is poured and finished by hand resulting in pieces that are unique. Installed in multiples they create a surface that is organic and substantial with a modern, ‘slightly imperfect’ structure. Available in a ten colours and a range of sizes our concrete panels, tiles and slabs can be configured to suit a wide variety of situations and aesthetics.

All tiles, slabs and panels ship from our Vancouver location.

Solus Concrete tiles and panels are:

  •  distinguished by their clean, chamfered edges, smooth, lightly undulating surfaces, complex colour and by the variation between pieces.
  • We use high performance, fibre re-enforced concrete which is strong, durable and flame resistant.
  • Solus tiles, panels and slabs can be installed in and out of doors. With proper care and maintenance they will last as long as the building, developing more surface character over time.
  • Most often they are used to either frame a fireplace or act as an accent to a fireplace surround or mantel. But there have been many instances where Solus tiles and panels have been used to accent walls in commercial locations like restaurants, night clubs, wine rooms, bank vaults and professional locker rooms.  Solus tiles have a unique look that cannot be achieved with ceramics or other stones.
  • Solus has been in the business of producing tiles and slabs for almost 20 years and have thousands of installations around the world. The installation and applications of our tiles and fireplace surrounds can be found on our installation page with print and video available for view.

Planning and What to Expect

Planning and What to Expect

Our concrete panels, tiles and slabs are designed simply to suit a wide variety of situations and aesthetics. Taking the time to plan your layout with care and working with an experienced tile setter are important steps towards achieving a successful installation.

  • All of our pieces can be cut to fit on site. Planning the location of cut edges is important as they look different than our factory edges and need to be hidden inside of grout lines. Each of our panels, tiles and slabs comes standard with one good face and 4 finished factory edges.
  • Dimensional variation is a natural characteristic of our concrete pieces. You can expect 1/8″ to 3/8″ tolerances from piece to piece. Installation is similar to that of semi gauged stone.
  • Installed indoors they will maintain their sheen and will continue to develop depth of colour as they are resealed and touched.
  • Used outdoors concrete will weather naturally as exposure to the elements wears away the polished surface to reveal the fine aggregate underneath.

Lead Times and Shipping

Lead Times, Ordering and Shipping

  • Lead times for all tile start at 6 weeks. If you have special requirements please contact our sales team to discuss options.
  • Our tiles are made to order in small batches so delivery times depend on the quantity of tile that you are ordering. In order to be strong and stable concrete tile must cure for 28 days after it is poured before it can be packed and shipped.
  • It is important that you order all of the tile that you require at one time as colour will vary between batches as well as between tiles.
  • Preparing a detailed layout plan before you place your order will ensure that you receive the correct number of tiles in a timely manner.
  • We recommend that you purchase 3-5% overage to allow for variation between tiles, breakage and errors.
  • All tiles are individually wrapped and crated in museum quality crates to ensure that they arrive to you in perfect condition. Orders within the greater Vancouver area are individually wrapped on pallets.

World wide shipping options include:

  •  Curbside delivery places your crates or pallets on the street in front of your location where they can be unpacked. Lifting of the products into place is not included with this delivery option.
  •  Placement service includes the unpacking and placement of your products in location where you would like them. Greater Vancouver Area only. Installation not included.
  •  Airfreight by special request.


Tiles (depth .625″)



Panels (depth: .75″)

Hearth Slabs (depth: 1.5″)

Pattern Examples

Specifications Documents

Looking for professional CAD drawings?  See our full portfolio on CAD Details

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Video: Chapter 5: Installing the Wall Panels – Solus Installing Concrete Fireplace Surround
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z-Solus ASTM Results
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Tiles Testimonials

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