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We can “quick ship” many of our modern fire pits and water features. Please call us on 877 255 3146 to discuss options available. Quick ship is subject to stock availability and time of year.

Regular shipping times: 
Replacement parts normally ship  in 3-7 days within North America and can be ordered online including lava rocks and river rock fire stones.
Concrete products (Our collection of modern fire pits, water features, fire pit accessories, surrounds and tiles) ship in 4-6 weeks unless they are quick ship eligible.


Luna Fire Pit

New! The Luna 42 Fire Bowl

The undulations of the Luna’s form are oval and more substantive than the Hemi series of fire bowls, with a larger and more substantial base to the bowl.   At 42 inches or 1050 mm, it is ideal for a  party of 6 or 8 to gather around.  Its’ elegant form can accommodate the optional all metal table and drinks ring.  The Luna’s heat output is significant at 31 kW or 108,000 btus. Both the heat and flame are adjustable and available in either manual or electronic ignition.

Available in twelve colours with manual or automatic ignition and natural gas or propane fuel options.  Accessories available are metal table and drinks ring (as featured in the images).   Crafted by hand and certified in Canada for CSA/ANSI and CE.

Manual ignition at $ 6195

Electronic ignition at  $ 7195

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Product Information

Included Features

Natural Gas & Propane
  • Custom all-weather cover – protects your fire features year round, extending their life, maintaining their smooth finish and allows us to offer the best warranties in the business.
  • Burner, support, and plate
  • Standard flexible gas line with flare fitting connector
  • Lava rock to cover entire surface
  • 60 Fire Stones for flame shaping
  • User Guide
  • Flange and Key – for manual start and adjustable electric start
  • Electronic ignitor and wiring box – for electric start only *NB A commercial grade propane kit including 15′ Hose and regulator is available for purchase as an accessory.
Please see our user guides for specific part information


  • Choose from 12 integral colours
  • 2 fuel options: Natural Gas and Liquid Propane
  • 2 ignition types: Manual with flame supervision device and Adjustable Electronic
    • Manual with flame supervision operates like the manual with the exception of a standing pilot light that must remain warm to to remain lit.  It is required for manual high output burners (108,000 btus).
    • Adjustable Electronic (ADJ AUTO)  –  has an adjustable valve on the firepit to customize the flame height (108,000 btus).
  • For Propane Only: hose with regulator and propane tank table.
  • All metal tabletops to turn your fire pit into a table to gather around.
  • Full beds of refractory fire stones. Built for fire and built to mimic real stone ( but safe ! )

Product Details


Our natural gas fire pits are certified as ‘Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliances’ to Canadian CSA 2.41-2014 and American ANSI Z21.97-2014 standards. We also have full CE certification as EN 509:2000 – Decorative Fuel Effects Gas Appliances and EN 60335-1:2001 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances. Visit our UK site or our European site for more information on products available in the UK and Europe.


Each of our fire pits comes with an extensive warranty on workmanship and performance.  Warranties are extended with the purchase and use of one of our All-Weather covers.

Build Quality

Each burner is assembled and tested in our facility from non-corrosive brass, stainless steel, aluminum and thermoplast components.

Propane fire pits are certified to CSA and. ANSI standards. All propane burners are assembled in the USA from brass components and are individually tested to meet specific certification requirements.

Each of our fire pits are handcast from high performance, fibre-reinforced concrete which has been tested to ASTM standards.

All concrete pieces are sealed with a penetrating sealer to minimize weathering. Table surfaces are treated with an extra protective coating to protect from prolonged exposure to food and drink spills.

Complete the set with accessories

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