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Round Metal Tabletops

These metal ring tops are designed to fit a Hemi firepit. The ring tabletop fits a Hemi 36″ or 48″ firepit while a simple disc tabletop fits the Hemi 26″ fire pit. Hemi 26 all-metal round table is solid – no drinks ring due to size. They are constructed out of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel. It is safe to leave outdoors in the elements. The aluminum is hard anodized to create a scratch-resistant surface that is integral to the aluminum itself.

Product Information

 Metal Ring Top Drawing image

These metal ring tops are designed to fit a Hemi 36″ or 48″ firepit, with a simple disk table top (without the ring) for the Hemi 26″. The centre removes so the firepit can be lit, leaving a ring table (in the larger sizes) that can be used for drinks. They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel.

Product Details

  • Top: 6061 Aluminum
  • Anodize type: Type II Hard
  • Screws: S.S. (counter sunk)

What is it about the Canadians, so friendly and relaxed, but able to deliver on craftmanship and customer satisfaction?

I have ordered fire bowls for clients on two projects. The web site is great because I am able to show clients photos and spec sheets at meetings.

Staff is friendly and easy to talk to, but take care of business as well.

I am happy with quality and service.

Edward Bash, Designer Dalmatia Landscape Design, 2014

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