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Full beds of Fire Stones

Full Coverage
Hemi 26:
3 bags
Hemi 36:
6 bags
Hemi 48:
11 bags
Luna 42:
9 bags
Halo 36/48:
2 bags
1 bags
2 bags
5 bags

1 bag (40pcs) = 1 Sq Ft

Fire Stones

Temporarily not available for purchase.

Refractory concrete fire stones add visual interest and functionality.

River stones are visually compelling.  Added, on top of lava rock, as a full-surface topping, they can change and enhance the character of each fire pit. The repeating forms and varied tones of the stones provide an interesting, textured surface that stands in contrast to the smooth, seamless concrete of our vessels. Castings of actual river rocks, our lightweight refractory concrete fire stones look and feel like the real thing while being stable when exposed to high heat.  Each set consists of four different tones in various shapes and sizes and will not split, spall or fracture. Our fire stones are made exclusively for Solus, by hand in Canada.

Standard and Full Sets

  • All of our natural gas and propane fire features come standard with lava rock to cover the entire base and a set of 40 Fire Stones which will cover the area around the burner jets and can be used to disperse heat and shape the flames.
  • Additional sets of 40 stones are also available for purchase to create full or partial coverings for all of our fire pits.  Contact us determine how many bags you require. A rule of thumb to estimate is that one bag of 40 stones covers about one square foot of surface one stone deep.
  • Please note: Burner flames are very hot.  These faux river stones are manufactured and have been tested and approved for use in high-heat environments. Untested real river stones can explode or fracture causing injury or damage, therefore can’t be used.

Product Information

Refractory concrete river stones add visual interest and functionality. Available for purchase with one of our fire pits and to owners of existing Solus fire features.


  • Lava rock to cover the entire burner surface and a set of 40 fire stones comes standard with every natural gas and propane firepit.
  • Placing refractory stones over the lava rock around burner jets keeps wet lava rock from jumping or popping as it heats
  • As these pieces are hand cast each one has a small flat spot on its back surface which should be turned down during the placement process.
  • A thin bed of lava rock is required between the burner plate and the river stones for heat dispersal. Lava rock comes standard with each firepit.

Product Details


  • Lightweight refractory concrete will not spall or crack when exposed to heat.
  • Mixture of 4 different tones.
  • Cast from actual river stones exclusively for Solus.

Full beds of Fire Stones

Please contact us to determine how many bags of fire stones you require.

We are thrilled with our beautiful Solus fire pit!  It was a pleasure working with this Vancouver company and even better knowing manufacturing is done in Vancouver. The product design is beautiful, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful and the end result is that we have, not just a gorgeous source of heat on our deck, but a unique focal point and conversation piece.

Lisa Whistler, BC

Solus offer up some outstanding products, sure you can buy cheaper but you will not receive the quality that Solus provides. I have had my 26″ firepit for almost 6 years now and it has seen 5 winters and it still looks and operates like brand new. I have recently got back in touch with Solus to convert my firepit to natural gas and the Solus Tech team pulled up my original order and have the exact conversion kit I require in stock and will be mailed out to me which I will receive in a couple of days. Great customer service and great products 5+ years later………….keep it going Solus.

David Rooney Vancouver BC

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