Summer 2020 – Getting the most use of your Solus fire pit – tips for optimal performance.

Well Summer 2020 will have all of us spending a lot more time on our decks and and back yards.  We have a handful of tips on how to get optimal performance from your Solus fire pit.

We have many iterations of Solus fire pits so follow the directions to your version below. Before you do that there commonalities to all of the Solus fire pits and they are as follows:

Prior to doing anything make sure if you have gas is turned off or the LPG bottle is turned off. If you have electronic ignition then turn off power at the breaker. Ethanol/ Bio fuel nothing is required.

  •  See our guide on fire pit maintenance in our resources section
  • If you have an older version ( 7 years or older – North America only ) it is likely you have a ring style burner and only lava rock.  This is perfectly okay. You need to inspect this burner for any rust within the burner ring.  If it is significantly rust you should replace. For the last number of years we have been using brass which doesn’t rust like ring style burners.    In the last few years we have been adding in fire stone which adds a different look and keeps the lava from popping out of the fire pit. It can be purchased separately if you want to “rock it out ” – see
  • The maintenance guide mentioned above allows the home owner to do many of these things.  There are some things that should be left to a professional gas fitter which is also referenced in the guide.   If the fitter runs into any technical issues you can call us on 1877 255 3146.
  • If you have a wooden table top it has likely faded. Some prefer it that way. If you wish to renew back closer to its original colour we would recommend liberal applications of Swedish or Danish  oil or mineral oil (testing on the back side first) which will bring back your natural red/brown colour.  If you have on of our newest products – the all metal table top with fire ring  there is nothing you need to do other than use hot soapy water.
This is our 21st year in business and the 13th year of making fire pits so we have many installations which have been in the field for  10 + years.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you need any technical support or require sales assistance on 1877 255 3146 
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