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When deciding what water feature or gas fire pit to specify for your client, what questions should you ask? Solus has the answers.

Solus Hemi Fire Pit

Surveys conducted by ASLA in 2018 reported that: “Fire pits continue to be the number one specified outdoor product design element” (and have been for the past five years).

And: “Water features (not pools) are on the rise and are number five”.

These products are fast becoming an established part of a residential garden design. Fire pits enable your client to enjoy outside living with warmth and ambience. They can also be a beautiful addition with a sculptural presence to enhance and complement your design.

Solus Hemi Fire Pit
The Solus Hemi gas fire pit available in 10 colors, 3 sizes and 3 fuel options.

Water features are perfect for those summer days in the garden with the sound and movement of water creating a calm atmosphere.

Dome and Scupper Water Features
The Solus Dome and Scupper water features used in garden designs by VaRa Garden Design (left) Studio Joiey (middle)

There are considerations with both fire and water products that need to be asked before specifying these in a design. Solus has provided SAQ’s – “Should Ask Questions” alongside the “Frequently asked Questions” to guide you in your decision . What is the difference between and SAQ and FAQ?

Frequently asked questions answer those that are most asked of Solus and any company you research. They are useful but can be specific to that company and may not cover all queries that can come up when purchasing, installing and using the product over the years but by then it can be too late!

Questions you should ask may overlap frequently asked questions but fill in the gaps and cover all the bases to ensure you make an informed decision which makes those as the process involved with respective to the Good Garage Overhead Storage Racks and can incorporate this seamlessly into your design.

SAQs are now featured on our website: and are a must read:

There are, however, some questions we have been asked over the years, that haven’t made the FAQ or SAQs. Solus is entering our 21styear in business and has sold thousands of fire pits which are used in over 35 countries. We think we have heard every question possible over that time but every so often we get a new one and we really don’t have an answer. A few are included below…

Q: “Do you think my dog will jump in the fire?”

A: As far as we know dogs don’t really jump into fire but …


Q: “I would like the fire pit to be a mood enhancer for my husband. Do you think this would work on him?”

A: Uhhh…well…(awkward silence).


Q: “I would like the fire pit to be no more powerful than a single candle”.

A: This is a very expensive candle. Perhaps a candle would be cheaper!


Q: “I am buying this for my husband’s 50th– do you think he would like it?”

A: We can answer this one: YES! ALL men like fire! It brings out the inner caveman in us – we don’t know why but it just does! 


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