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Top things to consider when designing for a firepit

There are many things to consider when designing the space and making a firepit a main feature.


Hemi Firebowl with Ring


This may seem obvious, but you really don’t want to be moving the firepit around the area – it is much easier to move the furniture than the firepit.


One consideration is the fuel source that will be used. Will it be natural gas, liquid propane, bio-fuel, wood burning? There are pros and cons to all of them. Operating costs, fuel refilling, clean up (or none) and maintenance are all things to think about.

If you are designing the space from scratch and have the ability to run a gas pipe, do so even if you haven’t selected the fire pit yet. Even if you opt for a bio fuel or wood burner, it will allow for future placement of a gas unit before you place your pavers, decking or tile.


Consider children.  How does the firepit operate?  What safety concerns are there?  How is it kept unlit when adults are not about?

Hemi outdoor gas fire pit Solus


A good thing to consider is multi-functionality. Could the firepit be used as a table when not in use as a fire pit? This could possibly replace the need for a coffee table in your design.

Solus firebox gas fire pit with wood table top


Consider the local fire code. Not all fire pits are created equally. Many states, provinces and counties require the entire fire pit to be certified as an appliance, not just having a certified burner. Most burners these days are certified, but once installed into a custom built brick pit they become uncertified.  If longevity is important – consider the warranty.


There are a number of ignition systems to consider which include:  Manual lit ignition, Manual lit with flame supervision, Electronic ignition and electronic ignition with adjustable flame. There is also the high-tech option of the smart home kit. Our sales team would be happy to explain these different options in further detail along with how they can best suit your design.


Consider the resale value – even if you are not planning to move or sell, fire pits have been (and continue to remain) one of the top three desired features of all outdoor landscape projects alongside lighting and dining.

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