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Are firepits allowed in Seattle, WA?

Are Firepits allowed in the state of Washington?

Yes, CSA certified firepits are allowed in the state of Washington.

Are Firepits allowed in Seattle, WA?

Yes, CSA certified firepits are allowed on private land in Seattle.

Do firepits require a permit in Seattle?

No, permits are not required for use of fire pits in Seattle unless they exceed 2ft in height and 3ft in width. If they exceed 2ft x 3ft, a permit may be required from both the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and the Seattle Fire Department. Solus firepits are available as both portable and fixed fuel connection.

CSA approved portable firepits do / do not require permits in Seattle

The fire must be contained in an approved (CSA or ULC) outdoor cooking appliance, or outdoor fireplace, such as a Solus firepit.

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For more information on local permits and updated fire regulations in Seattle, the Seattle Fire Department can be reached here:

Solus firepit certifications

Information updated on – July 4th, 2018