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Tavolo Fire Table

Our newest fire table is called the Tavolo referencing our love of all things Italian.  The genesis for this table comes from our designers and clients who have wished for a fire pit with a larger table surface.  Over time we have developed many table top options for our round and square fire pits but this one is just a little bit different.

The Tavolo is pretty big.  It is 68″ long ( 1723 mm ) x 34″ wide ( 864mm ) x 20.25″ tall ( 514 mm ) and a significant piece of furniture and fire. It will suit any rectilinear setting.  With its smooth polished extended table surface at one end and the fire tray off set at the other end, this is fire table lends itself to both form and function.

The area directly surrounding the fire has a slightly bevelled edge which draws your focus to the flame.  The table areas surrounding the fire remain cool to the touch, making it a delightful table which attracts a crowd.

Available in twelve different colours. Our newest fire table puts out 108,000 as a fully certified appliance. Available with either electronic or manual ignitions. 

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