Hardwood Tabletops

Turn your round or square fire pit into a beautiful, functional table with a handmade hardwood top.



Visual appeal and extended function.

Adding a hardwood top to your fire pit adds to its visual appeal and extends it functionality, allowing it to be used as a full surface table when a fire is not appropriate and more space is required. Designed by Solus as refined updates of the classic picnic table, these tops feature simple, clean detailing that focuses on the beauty of the wood itself. Space between each plank keeps water and organic material from collecting below, while also providing visual interest. Each of our hardwood tops is built by hand to last.


  • Locally made, our tabletops are individually handcrafted and sealed with a penetrating oil stain that provides protection from UV rays and the elements.
  • We offer Hardwood tops for:
    • Hemi 26
    • Hemi 36
    • Firebox 30

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