Hisbiscus yellow moodboard

Preparing your garden for a Staycation this Summer

Looking to add a pop of colour and make your garden into a holiday hideaway this summer? Why not give this combination a try with a fun mix of yellow, green and blue and integrate the relaxing sound of water provided by a water dome to give you the ultimate staycation experience. Give your backyard a holiday feel with a colour palette to remind you of much loved holiday destinations.


Hisbiscus yellow moodboard

  • Brighten up your exterior with bold, bright colours that will keep you  and your family smiling whatever the weather; your front door, a garden shed, planters or perhaps upcycle some existing outdoor furniture.
  • Relaxed outdoor seating to relax and read a book, catch some sun, take a nap and sit and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day
  • Brightly coloured cushions to add texture and pattern to your outdoor seating area
  • Softy grasses that add texture to the garden and make a relaxing sound as they move in the breeze
  • The calming sound of water in the background that aids health and wellbeing throughout the year


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  1. Striped Lines Cactus outdoor cushion, Crate and Barrel  2. Hibiscus yellow paint, Benjamin Moore  3. Striped Lines Bamboo outdoor cushion


4. Dune Navy Sectional Sofa, Crate and Barrel  5. Water Dome in Halva with Brass Detail, Solus Decor  6. Stipa Tenuissima


Great news if you are looking to create this look at home, all items from Crate and Barrel and Solus Decor are currently on sale. Get in touch with us to find out more about the water dome or our other fire and water features, we’d love to help you make your home a have during this staycation.





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