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Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod: Feature Project

A look at the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Cape Cod. A relaxed and laid back vacation destination steeped in history.

Ocean Edge resort and golf club combine the luxury of the historic mansion with the villages that give the flexibility of your own home. From here you can explore the surrounding area and the wonderful facilities that the Ocean Edge Resort has to offer.  The Mansion at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is an exquisite Victorian-style Mansion. It houses the Ocean Terrace, Bayzo’s Pub, and gorgeous flexible wedding, meeting and public spaces. The Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It resembles an English country manor with a luxurious feel for visiting guests to the area of Cape Cod.

The Mansion Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod
The Mansion at Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod

For those looking for their own space to relax and unwind, the Ocean Edge Resort has a collection of villas, that allow you to enjoy all the wonderful facilities. Whether that be the golf or the beautiful beach with your own private accommodation.

We couldn’t be happier to see our  Hemi fire pits in this beautiful setting. The Ocean Edge Resort have created a relaxed and inviting space. Using a combination of the different Hemi sizes, they have a wonderful area for guests to enjoy all year round.

Fire Pits at Ocean Edge Resort
Hemi Fire Pits at Ocean Edge Resort


Fire Pits at Ocean Edge Resort
Hemi Fire Pits at Ocean Edge Resort

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