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Our collection of contemporary concrete products offers you a broad range of style and colour options and includes:

These elements are highly adaptable and can be combined and configured to suit most circumstances, interior or exterior. Though our specialty is fire features, our roots are in designing a solution that will fit virtually any situation requiring fire. Our in-house team can work directly with you to create a truly one-of-a-kind, custom solution or default to one of dozens of Solus standard firepit or fireplace surround possibilities.

We should also reinforce that each photo within the galleries within this web site are 100 % Solus products made and manufactured by Solus. They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – well perhaps. Imitation without substance, material quality or function is simply foolish. We are the real thing and so are the photos you see here.

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At Solus, we design and make hand-crafted fireplace surrounds, modern  fire pits, water features, mantels and panels. Continuously innovating to produce the best products whilst working with newest materials.  Experimenting with advanced mold making techniques leads to products that are have both brilliant form and function. You will find our products in some of the finest homes, restaurants, commercial interiors and resorts around North America, the Caribbean, Europe and as far as Australia. We are experts at creating design solutions for fire features including outdoor fire pits, fireplaces that allow for flat screen televisions above your fireplace or solutions to cover up a hideous fireplace which dates your home. Our latest product launch – Solus Water Bowls have been a smash hit.  Capable of being placed in and outdoors. Our hemi series of water bowls are available in 26, 36 and 48″.

At Solus, we believe the choices we make for the spaces we live in are essential to our well-being. A concrete fireplace and surround can radiate warmth – not simply from the fire it frames, but also by its material and aesthetic presence. A floor or wall can become a sensual experience when clad in concrete panel that evokes the tactility of honed earth. Solus Fire pits create social gathering places for family and friends. Our goal is not only to create beautiful fire features but to transform living spaces and bring richness to your home, restaurant or resort. Our business and manufacturing practices reflect our philosophy of responsibility and sustainability. Each concrete piece of your fireplace mantelfire pit, water bowl or panel is cast and finished by hand in our Vancouver facility. Whatever the scale of your project is, our dedicated sales and production team will ensure that your order is managed smoothly and efficiently.

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