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Firecube 16

Firecube is Small and powerful.

Our smallest fire pit, Firecube 16 combines a tiny footprint with a generous flame and pared down minimalist design. These 16” sleek, concrete cubes have a round edge detail which give a softened, modern feel.  On its own Firecube 16 is handsome and visually uncomplicated allowing it to unobtrusively occupy small spaces with ease. They work great on a small balcony or enclosed area where space is at a premium. And with the purchase of a matching lid, it can double as coffee table. The lid will also protect the burner mechanism from the elements.

Different fuel types for different purposes.

The Firecube 16 is available with different burner options depending on your site specifics; natural gas, propane or liquid ethanol. Piping in natural gas is the most convenient (no empty tanks) and economical (natural gas is one of the cheapest fuels available) option over the long term, but requires a bit more upfront cost for plumbing in a hard line. Propane is a little more expensive to burn and requires one to run out to get tanks filled, but provides an easy set up with the use of a 15′ flexible gas line. Liquid ethanol requires no set up infrastructure, but has a higher cost to run.

Multiple Firecubes.

When paired with a Tank Table these small fire pits are an excellent solution to decks, patios and remote locations that require the portable convenience of propane tanks. The Firecube 16 can also be grouped in a variety of configurations or set throughout architectural environments to add visual interest, create social hubs or to light the way through transitional areas. Appropriate for commercial and residential installations. Each Solus natural gas or propane fire pit is fully certified and comes with a warranty on craftsmanship and performance. Available for purchase by professionals and home owners worldwide. And if you live in the UK or Europe, please check out our Solus UK.

Product Information

These compact fire pits bring fire and style to situations where an efficient footprint is required.

Firecube Options

  • Choose from 10 integral colours
  • 3 fuel options: Natural Gas, Liquid Propane and Ethanol
  • Manual lit with safety flame supervision
  • Concrete Top / Cover
  • For Propane Only: hose and regulator  and propane tank table.
  • Full beds of refractory fire stones.


Please see our user guides for specific part information.

Natural Gas and Propane

  • Concrete Cube
  • Concrete base
  • Burner, support and plate
  • Standard flexible gas line with flare fitting connector
  • Lava rock to cover entire surface
  • 40 Fire stones for flame shaping
  • User Guide
  • Flange and Key – for manual start


  • Concrete Cube
  • Concrete base
  • Burner, support, ring, plate and cover
  • Lighting wand
  • Lava rock to cover entire surface of plate and fill fuel vessel
  • 14 Fire stones for flame shaping
  • User Guide

Product Details

  • Our natural gas fire pits are certified as ‘Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliances’ to Canadian CSA 2.41-2014 and American ANSI Z21.97-2014 standards. We also have full CE certification as EN 509:2000 – Decorative Fuel Effects Gas Appliances and EN 60335-1:2001 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances. Visit our UK site for more information on products available in Europe and the UK.
  • Each of our fire pits comes with a warranty on workmanship and performance Warranties are extended with the purchase and use of one of our All-Weather covers.
  • Each burner is assembled and tested in our facility from non-corrosive brass, stainless steel, aluminum and thermoplast components.
  • Propane fire pits are certified to ANSI standards. All propane burners are assembled in the USA from brass components and are individually tested to meet specific certification requirements.
  • Ethanol burners have been designed specifically for Solus, are constructed from 3 layers of stainless steel, and meet the highest quality standards.
  • Each of our fire pits are handcast from high performance, fibre-reinforced concrete which has been tested to ASTM standards.
  • All concrete pieces are sealed with a penetrating sealer to minimise weathering. Table surfaces are treated with an extra protective coating to protect from prolonged exposure to food and drink spills.

Small firecube gas fire pit

We bought a Solus Fire Cube earlier this year. It’s a beautiful looking product, it’s been very easy to set up and to use, and it’s been an effective source of heat when we have been sitting in our garden in the evening.

The people at Solus kept us informed as to when our Fire Cube was going to be delivered and also followed up with us after delivery to ensure that we were happy with it. All in all, great client service.

John R Baillie

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