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Does Philadelphia, PA allow firepits on residential properties?

Pictured here: The Solus Hemi 36 firepit overlooking the waterfront.

Does the state of Pennsylvania allow firepits?

Yes! The Solus firepits have ANSI approval in Pennsylvania.

Does the city of Philadelphia allow firepits?

Yes! The Solus firepits are approved in Philadelphia.

Does the city require permits on residential properties?

Permits are not required on residential properties. The bulletin released in 2006 states that portable outdoor fireplaces are permitted. Some gas burning decorative fireplaces, fire pits, kilns or barbecues do not require a building or combination permit, but could require a plumbing or electrical permit. Solus firepits re available as both portable and fixed fuel connection; therefore, the Solus firepit will make a great addition to any outdoor living space!

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