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Does Vancouver, BC allow firepits on residential properties?

Solus Halo Firepit with Vancouver Skyline. Fixed fuel connection gas and propane firepits need permits in Vancouver. CSA approved portable ones to not.
Pictured here is the Solus Halo Firepit, with Vancouver Skyline in the background. The Solus fire pits come in fixed fuel connection gas and propane fire pits. The fixed connection fire pits will require a permit. However, the portable Solus fire pits will not require a permit.

Does Vancouver, BC allow firepits?

Yes! The Solus firepits have CSA approval in Vancouver, BC.

Does Vancouver, BC require permits for firepits?

CSA approved firepits will require a permit if there is a fixed gas or propane connection.

If you are looking to install a firepit with a fixed propane or natural gas connection, you will be required to obtain a permit from the City of Vancouver. However, you will not require a permit for a decorative portable propane or natural gas burning firepit. The Solus firepits are available as both portable and fixed fuel connection.

CSA approved will not require a permit if they are portable.

If you are looking for a firepit for your residence, but don’t want to obtain a permit, the fire must be portable and “contained in an approved (CSA, for example) outdoor cooking appliance, or outdoor fireplace”. Therefore, the Solus firepit will make a great addition to any outdoor living space, and they are manufactured here in Vancouver, BC! Furthermore, the Solus firepits are available for shipping worldwide, so check out our other blog posts to determine the fire regulations in your city!

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New Product of the Year Award Finalist 2016 at the Chelsea Flower Show!

Firecube 16 is compact and modern with a surprising amount of heat out put for its small size

Finalists for New Product of the Year Award – Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor UK is very pleased to have been selected as a finalist in the New Product of the Year Award 2016 at the Chelsea Flower Show.



A Fire Pit for Everyone

This is our very first year displaying at the Chelsea flower show. We are pleased to be participating in this prestigious event. We met so many people who visited our display – all with different sized gardens and patios. Our Firecube 16 is versatile for all of these applications. Small enough to fit a cozy apartment or small garden, this fire pit has the advantage of a biofuel (ethanol) burner. For larger gardens and outdoor spaces, the Firecube looks wonderful displayed in tiered clusters of 2 or 3 or placed in a seating area in multiples. The Firecube is also available with a Natural Gas or Propane burner. This makes it very convenient to burn for extended periods of time. Firecube 16 is compact and modern with a surprising amount of heat output for its small size. Clean-lined and functional, it fits easily into gardens and spaces of any size. It also transitions into a table when paired with its concrete lid.

Firecube 16 is compact and modern with a surprising amount of heat out put for its small size

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How to get a contemporary look with a wrapped fireplace

Your creativity has met its match – Solus wrapped fireplaces! As creative as you can get with modern architecture and design, Solus wrapped fireplaces can accommodate it with our large and unconventional formats that can mold to just about anything.

We recently worked on this custom job where the client wanted a long, linear, contemporary look that matched their west coast inspired home. Rather than just place drywall around the fireplace insert, they opted for our hand cast concrete tiles to properly finish the look by adding a unique touch. The beauty of Solus tiles is that they have a lustrous, well worn, almost smooth leather feel as they are made from real stone. Each tile will be almost slightly different than the next so you won’t get any pattern randomization like you would with ceramic. Overall, this leads to a more refined and elegant look.

Once your fireplace insert has been installed, one of our installers will come and cut the tiles on-site to perfectly wrap them around the insert for a great, custom look. If you like the flush look of this feature wall around a fireplace, know that we can accommodate all sizes of fireplace inserts, whether long and linear or more traditional. If in the research phase, you can also check out the other styles of modern and contemporary fireplace surrounds that we offer.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas at 1(877) 255 3146.

Contemporary wrapped fireplace
Contemporary wrapped fireplace with hand cast concrete tiles


Contemporary wrapped fireplace
Notice the smooth, suede like, texture of these concrete tiles



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How to update your fireplace

It’s that time of year again, the time where we start thinking about Christmas which is right around the corner. If you are planning on having people over to your home, is your fireplace ready to be the centre of this festive occasion?

If you’ve been in your home for any significant amount of time, you have undoubtedly repainted walls, changed couches, updated decor, subtracted carpets and the like. However, chances are, you haven’t done anything with your fireplace. It’s possible that despite the updating efforts you’ve made on the rest of your living room, your fireplace dates it. Do you think it’s time to update your fireplace?

In our 17 years of installing over 5,000 fireplace features and dealing with thousands of people, we have learned a thing or two about approaching fireplace updates and refreshing fireplace surrounds.

To start, let’s sit back and reflect on your fireplace. For one, do you actually use your fireplace? If not, why not? Does your fireplace insert seem dated? Maybe you just need a fireplace insert refresh. Or, does the thought of actually having to chop wood and deal with the mess aftermath prevent you from using it? If this is the case, maybe you want to consider upgrading to a gas fireplace.

Solus Decor fireplace Judd mantel
Fireplace mantel with Judd shelf

If you are considering a fireplace upgrade, it is important to first note whether you want the fireplace to be the focal point of your room, or blend into the background. Secondly, do you need a mantel (the shelf above the fireplace)? Thirdly, do you want to place a flat screen TV above the fireplace? If so, you will need to consider the height your TV will be placed in relation to the heat the fireplace will give off.

Moving on, what is your personal style? Are you looking for a traditional fireplace surround (see Arch), a transitional fireplace mantel (see Cornice) or a modern fireplace (see Span)?

Solus Decor fireplace
Traditional Arch fireplace
Solus Decor fireplace
Cornice transitional fireplace
Solus Decor modern fireplace
Span Modern fireplace

Once you have done all this, take some measurements with our measure up guide and start getting inspired by design. We suggest doing a Google image search for the fireplace surrounds that match your style. You can also try searching on Houzz, Pinterest or Flickr.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us and talk with one of our design specialists.

Happy fireplace updating!