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Solus Launches New Outdoor Gas Firepit Design at HDExpo 2018.

Solus Decor Launches New Gas Outdoor Firepit at HDExpo 2018

Solus are looking forward to once again showcasing our modern backyard fire pits at this year’s Hospitality Design Expo, held at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

This year we are excited to launch a new Linear fire pit. This new Solus gas firepit is 6ft in length and can be used as single height or stacked for double height. Either composition will have an impact in your outdoor space.

Solus Décor Linear Gas Firepit. Suitable for backyards or commercial spaces. Showcasing at HDExpo 2018. The new design is the result of the talented Solus team’s dedication, vision and many man hours put in to produce an innovative and contemporary design. It is unmistakably Solus.
Solus Décor Linear Gas Firepit. Suitable for backyards or commercial spaces. Showcasing at HDExpo 2018. The new design is the result of the talented Solus team’s dedication, vision and many man hours put in to produce an innovative and contemporary design. It is unmistakably Solus.

Are you are looking to make an impact with your entrance? Or a design statement with a modern fire pit for a restaurant or hotel terrace. The Linear can provide semi-private areas when double height, or a divide areas for dining and drinks. It will also provide warmth and atmosphere but not take up valuable seating space. Made in Vancouver, Canada and shipped all over the world. Hence the Solus Linear firepit could be ideal for your restaurant, hotel or other commercial needs.

Along with the new fire pit is the metal table top.  This can convert into a drinks ring for the 36 and 48 Hemi fire pit. Solus started selling this earlier in the year and it has proved very popular for both commercial and domestic requirements. A simple disk table top is also available for the smaller 26 Hemi.

Solus Décor Hemi Gas Firebowl Firepit. With metal drinks ring. Also available as a metal table top. Shown on the terrace at Predator Ridge Resort Canada. Ideal when not used as a fire pit.
Solus Décor Hemi Gas Firebowl Firepit. With metal drinks ring. Also available as a metal table top. Shown on the terrace at Predator Ridge Resort Canada. Ideal when not used as a fire pit.

Made out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel which compliments the concrete material of the fire pit. The Hemi with drinks ring provides a sculptural fire bowl design, along with somewhere for guests to put drinks. The table top turns a fire pit into a multi-use product. A modern, unusual table that also protects the gas burners when not in use.

HD Expo is the premier trade show and conference for the hospitality industry. The show has been running since 1992 and is presented by Hospitality Design magazine and today it remains at the forefront of the hospitality industry offering the newest and most innovative products.  The conference is an opportunity for those in the industry to share ideas and provide inspiration by connecting with other hospitality professionals.

On our booth, we will of course be displaying and demonstrating a selection of our best-selling fire pits and water features alongside the new additions to our collection. If you are visiting this year, please come and see us and our products on booth 1874. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact us for more information on Solus products or visit our website:

T: 1.877.255.3146

For more information on the HDExpo visit:

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Outdoor Trends for 2018 including wabi-sabi…

With offices on both sides of the Atlantic (North America and the UK) Solus gets a unique insight into the plans of designers and architects.


It always leads to some interesting observations and noticeable trends such as water conscious gardening, embracing imperfections and smart home and garden automation.

The Solus Dome water feature embracing wabi-sabi
The Solus Dome water feature embracing wabi-sabi

Water conscious gardening is a movement towards the more considered use of water for outdoor settings. This extends from understanding the most efficient uses of water during droughts to the most elegant uses in water-rich environments. Particularly in drought prone areas outdoor landscape designs are using more appropriate plants, storing and re circulating rainwater and installing irrigation systems that water the roots directly. In more water-rich environments gardeners are installing water features and water gardens to maximise the ambiance of their gardens and outdoor patios.

Smart home automation has been a major trend that is being seen throughout Europe and North America. Products like Amazon Echo and Google Home (that allow you to control everything in your home from your thermostat to your lighting) have made home automation achievable in any home or setting. This trend has been carried outdoors into gardens and outdoor spaces. Firepits, water features, hot tubs, irrigation systems and outdoor lighting are all examples of products that can now be controlled by smart devices. Solus Decor’s water features and electronic ignition firepits can be hooked up to home automation systems.


levated Halo fire table in Portland
Elevated Halo fire table in Portland

The Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfection, called wabi-sabi, has become an industry buzz word of late. For gardens using or recycling materials like concrete, stone and wood and avoiding the use of plastics or synthetics wherever possible. These natural materials all are beautiful because of their imperfections and they help reflect the organic nature of a garden. At Solus we embrace this philosophy with concrete product features that are hand cast and imperfectly perfect.


For further information on any Solus product please contact us.



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Chelsea Flower Show, London 2017

We’re back in the office this week and have a chance to reflect on the highlights of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017; the planting and flowers, sensational gardens and the colorful characters visiting the show.

The weather is always a question mark over the Chelsea Flower Show as it is in the majority an outdoor event, this year we had been anxious as the build up had seen torrential rain almost everyday.  However as the show opened the sunshine arrived and stayed for the duration, we couldn’t have wished for better weather; showing the gardens and all the outdoor products at their very best and putting a smile on all the visitor’s faces.



Best in Show

The gardens are the big draw for most visitors offering inspiration and insight into the incredible hard work involved in creating the show gardens for Chelsea Flower Show.  The Best Show Garden was the M&G Garden designed by James Basson.  The designer’s vision of a garden was created from a disused limestone quarry including a large botanical range of flora from Malta. Designed with great impact it delivers a hard message about the vulnerability of Malta’s natural landscapes and resources.


show garden by james basson chelsea flower show 2017
Best Show Garden designed by James Basson


The Best Fresh Garden was designed by Kate Gould, City Living showing a an imagined space in an urban apartment block, providing the occupants with attractive and useable small gardens.  These multi-level gardens highlight the importance of greening inner city spaces, not only for residents’ enjoyment but also to benefit the environment as a whole.


Best Fresh garden by Kate Gould Chelsea Flower Show 2017
Best Fresh Garden designed by Kate Gould



The Best Artisan Garden was the Walker’s Wharf Garden supported by Doncaster Deaf Trust and designed by Graham Bodle. The garden reflects the beauty of industrial decay embellished by restrained plantings of conifers including pines and larch as well as lush woodland perennials.


best artisan garden designed by Graham Bodle chelsea flower show 2017
Best Artisan Garden designed by Graham Bodle



This year we decided to collaborate with WaterAid by selling our concrete tea light holders at the show with all proceeds going to WaterAid, this proved a huge success and we are pleased to announce that we have raised £1,200, which will enable WaterAid to supply a school sanitation block for 250 children (£1050) and three wheelchair accessible toilets (£50 each) in Bangladesh.


Water Aid Logo
WaterAid at Chelsea Flower Show




People Watching at Cheslea Flower Show

Of course RHS Chelsea is mainly about the gardens and flowers but it’s also a great spot for fantastic people watching; whether that’s getting a glimpse of a Chelsea Pensioner in their full regalia, a celeb spot on press day or simply somebody with fantastic style to match the gardens.


Queen of Hearts at Chelsea Flower Show
Solus CEO, Brad Carpenter meeting The Queen of Hearts at Chelsea Flower Show


Chelsea Pensioner at Chelsea Flower Show
Solus Decor CEO, Brad Carpenter learns about the history of the Chelsea Pensioners


Fashion and Flowers at Chelsea Flower Show
Fashion and Flowers: A glamorous couple spotted at Chelsea Flower Show




We have to give a big thank you to the fantastic suppliers who helped to create our stand for Chelsea Flower Show 2017; TKE Landscaping, Silvadec, Brooks Bros, Flybird Installations, Kyoto Design, Greenmatters UK and KG Lifestyle & Interiors. Here are some highlights from our stand which showed our fire and water features in a great outdoor living space:


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The Benefits of a Fire Pit in a Commercial Environment

Hotel Eastlund roof terrace

A look at the benefits of a fire pit in the commercial environment



The benefits of a fire pit in a commercial space can’t be underestimated particularly as the competition in the hospitality industry grows year on year and space is at a premium.  Making the exterior of any commercial space is essential to ensure you can capitalize on all areas of a commercial space and thus increase trade. We are fortunate to have worked with some brilliant commercial clients; hotels, restaurants, offices, country clubs and even shopping complexes and the benefits of a fire pit in these commercial spaces is significant. In all of these spaces our products have not only added something both sculpturally and aesthetically pleasing but at the same time a unique heat source meaning these areas can be used all year round.



The Brass on Baltimore, Kansas City


The Brass on Baltimore is a beautiful historic building in Kansas City which specializes in functions and events and has been the venue for some incredible weddings.  The Brass on Baltimore have an amazing terrace with views across the city and in order to make this a key area for events they installed an Elevated Halo fire pit in the seating area on the terrace.  This has created the perfect location for cocktails and canapes, an after dinner drink or a quiet spot for the bride and groom to reflect on their special day.


Firepit at Brass on Baltimore, Kansas City
Roof Terrace at Brass on Baltimore, Kansas City


Elevated Halo Brass on Baltimore
Outdoor Seating at Brass on Baltimore with Elevated Halo Fire Pit


Wedding Photography by Marissa Cribbs at Brass on Baltimore, Kansas City


The Fairmont Pacific


The Fairmont Pacific Rim is a luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver that combines the best of the Pacific Rim in its design, décor, & culinary dining options.  They decided to add a little something extra to their most luxurious suite; the Chairman’s Suite.  The Chairman’s nicknamed the “Rock Star Suite” has everything you could possibly ask for with its private elevator, elegant entertaining areas, master bedroom and exquisite decor.  However for us the big selling point is the exclusive outdoor rooftop patio with some of the best views in the city, looking over Coal Harbour and the North Shore Mountains.  The hotel have maximized the views and this space by creating a complete outdoor living area with private gazebo, meditation pond and our Hemi fire pit to ensure that this beautiful space can be used throughout the year.


Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
Chairman’s Suite at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver



Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
Chairman’s Suite at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver


Hotel Eastlund


A hip boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Portland, which has a wealth of culture, arts, restaurants and bars on offer to locals and those visiting the city.  The Hotel Eastlund capitalized on their location and the architecture by creating a roof top bar and restaurant that is a draw for both hotel guests and locals. Our fire pit is a focal point in this space as it creates a natural place to gather around the fire.  As with the other commercial locations the introduction of a fire pit acts as a visual wow factor but crucially it acts as a much needed heat source to ensure the space works throughout the year.


Roof Terrace at Hotel Eastlund, Portland



Hotel Eastlund, Portland
Altabira Restaurant at Hotel Eastlund, Portland


Our fire pits have a variety of options including a full line of manual and electronic ignition systems, convertible table tops, covers and glass shields and are available in ten different colors making them completely adaptable to your commercial environment and easy for house cleaning services honolulu.  



To find out more about our products and how we might be able to enhance your commercial outdoor space get in touch with us or come and visit us at HD Expo, May 3 – 5.

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Fire pits for 2015 – 10 things Solus thinks you need to know

Solus Hemi 36" firebowl

The fire pit experience has certainly evolved from the days of sitting around an old tractor tire ring heaped with wood.  Although this still has a magical mystique to it, your average urban back yard, patio or deck just can’t safely, (or in some cases legally), accommodate this “uncontrolled” fire pit style.


Lighting a fire pit

There are numerous options – the most simple and popular fire pit is a match lit (also described as manual light) whereby you turn the skeleton key valve which releases the gas and at the same time touch a barbecue starter to the top of the fire pit stone (propane or gas burner) and voila!  Fire!  In the case of ethanol (biofuel), you light the “wand’ and insert it into the receptacle that houses the liquid.


Yes of course – with a Solus electronic start burner. This is typically used for high-end residences or commercial locations, which can allow for an electrical hook up from the pit to a wall switch, timer or smart home/ commercial controller. With the right third party controller, it is even smart phone capable and is applicable for either NG (natural gas) or LP (propane).  Electronic ignition for biofuel burners is not an option at this time.


Well – it is generally simpler to operate and a very reliable burner. It allows you to adjust and regulate the height of the flame and therefore the amount of heat.  It is the recommended choice for residential settings. For those households with children, it allows the parent to take the key away and therefore the ability to keep the fire pit turned off when required.


In most commercial settings regulations will require this but not always.  In a common area for a condo we often recommend a timer so that it automatically switches itself off if a resident walks off and leaves it unattended.  For resorts or restaurants we generally recommend a lock off switch so it can be turned off at the end of the night.


Our general answer is no – in our opinion it is not necessary for a residential setting. In some cases (certainly not all), commercial locations will require a glass shield as the local authorities will insist on it.


Yes it is possible.  There are two options – Biofuel, which is a denuded ethanol based product, is sustainable and causes no off gassing.   Or you could also put in a propane burner and hook it up via a hose to a standard propane tank (like you use for your barbecue) We have a concrete tank holder that serves nicely as an end table which was built to hide the ugly tanks too!


The answer is NO, not always. Higher BTU’s does not necessarily mean more heat. As in all things designed  – good design is subtle.   Most gas fire pits are a simple pan with a series of gas ports housed underneath the burner pan.  The gas hits the pan, spreads out under it, and appears over top to erupt from your lava/rock bed. Much of the fuel is lost in this transition.

Solus burners are designed differently.  With cross jet ports that are extended out and above the burner plate.   They are not designed to hit the burner plate underneath and therefore we don’t lose heat to the bottom of the vessel.  It produces a more realistic flame pattern and much taller and robust flame.  They also come with a five-year warranty – pan burners usually come with a one-year warranty.

Finally – if you are looking for variable heat –a manual skeleton key valve is the way to go.  Although smart phone fire pit starters are sexy, they don’t have any variable heat control on them – therefore electronic units are either on or off. Many certified units are 150,000 BTU’s and if they are electronic there is no way to regulate the amount of heat by turning them down. They can only be turned on or off.


What fuel source is best for the circumstance depends on many things such as:

Many municipalities and jurisdictions have an outright ban on wood burning firepits even though they are sold widely at big box retailers in every state and province in North America. Even if wood burners are allowed they are often banned for a period of the summer due to pollution warnings (often in California, New York, Massachusetts) or in extremely dry conditions where there is an outright fire ban.

Your other options may be dictated by whether natural gas is available or affordable, and whether or not you want to have your fire pit in an enclosed area. (see FAQ #6 for more detail).


Lava stones
Most fire pits are sold covered with lava only.  However, it doesn’t mean that it is the best solution. Lava, when it gets wet often “pops” – not unlike popcorn. Due to the porosity of the lava rock it will pop and come out of the pit! This can not only be scary but potentially dangerous.

Our solution after lots of hands-on research are the refractory concrete stones that are placed on top of the lava stone to contain and weigh down the lava when it is wet.  You will note that the “stone” is refractory (kiln dried) based concrete, designed exclusively for us (modeled on river stone).  A warning – Do not put landscape stone into the fire pit – the natural fissures in the rock will split and could potentially shoot back out of the fire pit like a projectile.


There is no doubt that many of our products are heavy.  We don’t believe in lightweight concrete because it doesn’t withstand the test of time.  Lightweight concrete often “shales”, flakes or crumbles with cold or variable temperatures. Solus concrete is a “designed” and highly engineered product made to withstand weather (see ASTM standards for strength).  Its design allows us to cast thin and elegant concrete that does not look like something out of prehistoric times or a “Fred Flintstone” cartoon.   In combination with our brass burners we have THE product.

Our production crew who finish, wrap and crate our Solus products are very fastidious. Our successful ship rate is over 99.5%.  Having shipped products to Australia, Azerbaijan, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and all points in North America, our team knows a thing or two about getting it there – in perfect condition. We cannot afford otherwise.  As a surety to the client, contractor and proud new Solus owner, we photograph each and every piece that leaves our facility.  These are then sent to each connected party in the delivery. With the weight advice we can make suggestions and can guide you through how many people you will need to handle the delivery and placement of your new fire pit.


David Wadors testimonial