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Making the most of a roof terrace

If you have a roof terrace or balcony, how can you make the most of it? There are some inspirational ideas out there to add value to your outside space:

Create warmth and use your outside space all year with a fire pit. In a small space, it is still possible to add a functional but stylish fire pit that is safe to use. The Firecube is ideal and with different fuel options, it can conform to safety requirements. An optional table top also means it is multi-use.

Solus Firecube

For larger terraces or balconies, fire pits and tables will create a social area with seating positioned around. The Elevated Halo is a great example and used in residential and commercial spaces.

The Gwen Hotel, Chicago featuring a Solus Decor Elevated Halo fire table


Solus Dome water feature

Water features are also an option on a terrace and can create a calm and tranquil environment. They can be an oasis in the city and integral as part of the mindful living trend for 2018*. Look out for self-circulating and “plug and play” products. This means there is no plumbing and water is not being wasted. The Dome is a great example.

There are many designers who are experienced in designing roof top and terrace gardens which do tend to be in cities where outside space is at a premium.



Amber Freda Landscape Design have created some amazing spaces in NYC and their website has a portfolio of these as well as offering informative blogs such as flowers for a city roof top garden.

The Garden Builders in the UK have also worked on transforming roof spaces in London and their blog 7 roof terrace ideas showcases some of them and offers expert advice.

For more information on Solus fire pits and water features please contact us.

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*Source: Country Living

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Firecube: The fire pit for smaller spaces

Solus Firecube
Solus Firecube; the fire pit for smaller spaces

There’s a growing trend toward outdoor rooms designed to feel like home spas or staycation delights. Fire pits add that perfect touch of warmth that creates a cozy atmosphere for one or many. However, not all homes or commercial spaces can accommodate a larger fire pit unit. As such, we listened to many designers, architects and customers and combined our fire pit expertise to come up with Firecube; the fire pit for smaller spaces.

As leaders in fire features, we have a keen eye for how to use fire to accommodate every space. So we designed Firecube to have a smaller footprint. This petite and polite box stands 17-inches high with a square footprint of 16-inches x 16-inches. It will fit in virtually every small space. And for a spectacular, multi-visual effect that’s sure to impress, you can line up several of them thanks to their flat sides.


Don’t be fooled by it’s petite size. This little cube kicks out 40,000 btus, so it is a substantial little heater.


Firecube is available in natural gas, propane or ethanol (manual lit only). Most customers will probably choose propane as it’s the easiest way to get started. Because aesthetics are important and we want you to love your outdoor space, we have just launched the Firecube box which is a propane tank holder. The Firecube box even comes with a lid that serves as a side table, perfect for drinks and plates. (Pictures to come shortly). It stands 21-inches tall and mimics the look of Firecube.

Propane Tank holder
Firecube Propane Tank holder (open)
Propane Tank holder
Firecube Propane Tank holder (closed)



Fire cube is available in all 10 Solus colours.

For pricing information, don’t hesitate to call us and get Firecube shipped to you today!