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Outdoor Living in London

solus decor elevated halo gas fire pit as seen in UK Simon Orchard Garden Designs

Outdoor living at its finest in South East London. A collaboration by LXA Architects and Simon Orchard Garden Design in the picturesque area of Blackheath in South East London.


fire pit london

A wonderful example of fantastic London design spearheaded by LXA architects. LXA have combined contemporary and traditional architecture to create a luxurious space for modern living. LXA Architects transformed a building of five flats into one large, prestigious home. The building is over 8,000 square feet with a swimming pool and beautiful outdoor living space.

architecture design interiors

With a building this size and specification it was crucial that the outside space reflected the same luxurious feel and Simon Orchard Garden Design did not disappoint.

london architecture design interiors fire pit


Simon has created an outdoor oasis that works seamlessly with the architecture of the building.  As part of this design he has created wonderful outdoor living spaces. You can sit back and really enjoy the outstanding design of the building.  A part of this design he has incorporated a Solus Decor elevated halo to create a warm and inviting space.

Solus Halo elevated gas fire pit


The elevated halo fire pit is perfect for outdoor entertaining and truly embodies the idea of outdoor living all year round. Like all our fire pits it is available in ten different colours and three different fuel options; bio ethanol, LPG and natural gas making it compatible for all situations and styles.

To find out more about this project by LXA architects and see more details take a look at their website and to see every aspect of this enticing outdoor space take a look at the full project on Simon Orchard Garden Design website 

If your feeling inspired and want to create your own little slice of London outdoor retreat take a look at our full range of fire and water features or why not get in touch with us to discuss your outdoor space.



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Top things to consider when designing for a firepit

There are many things to consider when designing the space and making a firepit a main feature.


Hemi Firebowl with Ring


This may seem obvious, but you really don’t want to be moving the firepit around the area – it is much easier to move the furniture than the firepit.


One consideration is the fuel source that will be used. Will it be natural gas, liquid propane, bio-fuel, wood burning? There are pros and cons to all of them. Operating costs, fuel refilling, clean up (or none) and maintenance are all things to think about.

If you are designing the space from scratch and have the ability to run a gas pipe, do so even if you haven’t selected the fire pit yet. Even if you opt for a bio fuel or wood burner, it will allow for future placement of a gas unit before you place your pavers, decking or tile.


Consider children.  How does the firepit operate?  What safety concerns are there?  How is it kept unlit when adults are not about?

Hemi outdoor gas fire pit Solus


A good thing to consider is multi-functionality. Could the firepit be used as a table when not in use as a fire pit? This could possibly replace the need for a coffee table in your design.

Solus firebox gas fire pit with wood table top


Consider the local fire code. Not all fire pits are created equally. Many states, provinces and counties require the entire fire pit to be certified as an appliance, not just having a certified burner. Most burners these days are certified, but once installed into a custom built brick pit they become uncertified.  If longevity is important – consider the warranty.


There are a number of ignition systems to consider which include:  Manual lit ignition, Manual lit with flame supervision, Electronic ignition and electronic ignition with adjustable flame. There is also the high-tech option of the smart home kit. Our sales team would be happy to explain these different options in further detail along with how they can best suit your design.


Consider the resale value – even if you are not planning to move or sell, fire pits have been (and continue to remain) one of the top three desired features of all outdoor landscape projects alongside lighting and dining.

Contact us for more information on our products and what to consider.

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Concrete Inspiration and Design

Solus dome water feature fountain

It’s no secret that we’re fans of concrete and it is a fundamental part of what makes our fire and water features so unique, but why Concrete?


According to Houzz, 2017 is seeing a push in design to incorporate the use of more sustainable and durable materials in furniture and bathroom and kitchen design. This is filtering its way through to the high street as we can see the introduction of more concrete and other durable and sustainable materials into furniture and home accessories. We’re taking a look at the production of concrete, the key elements that make it such a great material to use in design and in the process picking some of our favorite images that team together metal elements with concrete just as we do in our own designs.



Solus Water Dome combining elements of concrete and brass


Why Concrete


  • Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous construction materials on the planet, it is incredibly durable and versatile.
  • Concrete is composed of materials that are readily available and often local.
  • The production of concrete is a relatively simple process.


Concrete flooring with brass border detail via



The production of concrete:

Concrete is formed when hydraulic cement reacts cHemically with water and binds with a blend of aggregates. This reaction, called hydration, causes the concrete mixture to harden and continues if there is free moisture to react with the cement.


This hydration stage is called “curing”. Curing can continue on a minuscule level for months, even years, but most concrete markedly cures in 28 days. During this time, concrete gains the bulk of its strength and loses most of its moisture content to the cHemical reaction and to evaporation.


For aesthetic concrete used for home and garden design, the initial 28-day cure is of great importance as this is when the concrete will undergo a change in appearance – from a darker, wet-looking surface to a lighter, dry one.


Concrete bathroom design with elements of mirror and polished chrome via


This is also the time when the concrete’s true color, with all its nuances, reveals itself. Concrete cured for at least 28 days is not only stronger than younger or “greener” concrete, but it is more aesthetically stable.


It is worth keeping in mind that proper cure time is essential to the creation of a quality hand cast concrete product. Patience is part of the recipe for a lifetime of function and enjoyment from any concrete feature whether used indoors or outdoors.


Bespoke concrete kitchen via

The hard-wearing nature and aesthetically pleasing elements of concrete is precisely the reason we continue to see concrete used as a key element in today’s interiors; kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, flooring, lighting, and accessories.



Combining the elements of concrete and brass in bathroom design via

The nature of concrete means it is ideal for the modern home due to its durability and longevity, fitting perfectly with the current desire to incorporate more sustainable and environmentally conscious thinking in design. This current trend is synonymous with the Solus design philosophy; to design and produce beautiful, long lasting designs that run counter to a culture that has been obsessed with trends and disposable products.



To find our more about our beautifully crafted concrete products get in touch.