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Does Vancouver, BC allow firepits on residential properties?

Solus Halo Firepit with Vancouver Skyline. Fixed fuel connection gas and propane firepits need permits in Vancouver. CSA approved portable ones to not.
Pictured here is the Solus Halo Firepit, with Vancouver Skyline in the background. The Solus fire pits come in fixed fuel connection gas and propane fire pits. The fixed connection fire pits will require a permit. However, the portable Solus fire pits will not require a permit.

Does Vancouver, BC allow firepits?

Yes! The Solus firepits have CSA approval in Vancouver, BC.

Does Vancouver, BC require permits for firepits?

CSA approved firepits will require a permit if there is a fixed gas or propane connection.

If you are looking to install a firepit with a fixed propane or natural gas connection, you will be required to obtain a permit from the City of Vancouver. However, you will not require a permit for a decorative portable propane or natural gas burning firepit. The Solus firepits are available as both portable and fixed fuel connection.

CSA approved will not require a permit if they are portable.

If you are looking for a firepit for your residence, but don’t want to obtain a permit, the fire must be portable and “contained in an approved (CSA, for example) outdoor cooking appliance, or outdoor fireplace”. Therefore, the Solus firepit will make a great addition to any outdoor living space, and they are manufactured here in Vancouver, BC! Furthermore, the Solus firepits are available for shipping worldwide, so check out our other blog posts to determine the fire regulations in your city!

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Regulations for Outdoor Backyard Modern Concrete Fire Pits in North America

patio fire

Are modern fire pits legal for your outside space?  What are the regulations?

Fire pits are more popular than ever with all manner of shapes, sizes, fuel source and quality widely available.  Whether urban or country there is definitely a move towards more regulations and restrictions. This is due to insurance, pollution and fire bans surrounding the use of fire pits.  Many of the fire pits that you find at many Big Box locations and those sold online are in fact illegal in several of the communities they are sold in.  For example, many locations sell Chiminea’s where in fact they are illegal. This is because they are classified as open fires and are wood burners.


Outdoor Fire Pit
Terracotta Chiminea

There are many and varied guidelines as to what is deemed permissible by fire departments and local municipalities. North America has seen the trend to outright ban open wood burning stoves and it is on the march right across the continent.  In many states and provinces pollutants and fire hazards top the list of reasons for the wood burn ban.  For gas or LP in the provinces such as BC, AB and Ontario it is a legal requirement for a fire pit to be a certified as an appliance.  It is no longer acceptable to put an “approved certified burner “ into an unapproved receptacle or untested vessel. States such as New York, Illinois, California and Washington to name a few, require a burner to be certified. Alongside the material it is being used with, be that brick, concrete or metal.

One would never consider buying an uncertified stove, hot water tank or boiler.  Why consider a fire pit any differently ?

Massachusetts has taken it one step further and publishes a list of approved fire pits which are acceptable to the state for permits. If the product is not on the list you will not get a permit for it. Gas inspectors and fire departments have raised challenges and questions in all the states mentioned above. Solus fire pits have been successfully granted permits in all these situations.


Patio Firepit
Solus Hemi Fire Bowl


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