Scupper w/ Box


(26″, 36″, 48″)

These clean lined, self contained water features make it simple to integrate flowing water into your environment.



Add the sound and movement of water.

An adaptation of our Scupper water bowls this version combines two concrete vessels to create a simple, self contained water feature. As with our original Scuppers, clean edged, mechanically formed metal and smooth concrete are brought to life by the liquid movement and pleasing sound of water. The Hemispherical bowl fills with water from a central hole in its base, creating a deep pool that spills out through the reflective channel of the scupper into the basin below. Polished metal and pooled, cascading water combine to create interesting reflections as light plays over their surfaces. Handcast concrete vessels provide a solid sculptural counterpoint to the fine edges of the scuppers and the moving water while functioning as impermeable containers. These water features can be used in any level location that has access to a standard electrical outlet. Appropriate for residential and commercial installation indoors and out.

Solus water bowls are designed to be experienced first hand. We invite you to watch our water bowl videos to get acquainted with them.


  • Choose from 10 Solus integral, hand cast  colours
  • Brass, stainless steel and copper scuppers. Scuppers are treated and sealed to maintain their bright finish. Brass and copper parts can be left unsealed by special request.
  • Talk to us about custom possibilities.


Please see our user guides and reference videos for specific part information.

  • Concrete Bowl with Scupper w/ central stainless steel or brass water fitting
  • Concrete basin
  • Pump with connection fittings
  • 3 piece perforated metal screen
  • Decorative pebbles to cover screen
  • Large river stones (5) for moderating water in-flow.
  • Draining hose
  • User guide

You can download our specification drawings from the Specifications Documents on this page or visit the CADdetails website to view them.


Product Details

  • Each of our water bowls is hand cast  from high performance, fiber reinforced concrete which has been tested to ASTM standards.
  • All concrete pieces are sealed with a penetrating sealer to minimize weathering. Metal surfaces are electro-polished and or treated with a reversible protective coating to maintain their polish and protect them from the elements.
  • Locally made stainless steel, brass and copper scuppers.
  • Metal scuppers are treated and sealed to maintain their bright finish. Brass and copper can be left unsealed by special request and will patina naturally.
  • Stainless steel, aluminum and PVC component parts.
  • German designed, Italian ,made  pumps with variable water flow control.
  • Assembled by hand and tested in our Vancouver facility.
  • Each of our water features comes with a warranty on workmanship and performance. Warranties are extended with the purchase and use of one of our All-Weather covers.

Specification Documents and Videos

Looking for professional CAD drawings?  See our full portfolio on CAD Details

Title Download
*SCUPPER with Box Installation Operation Manual
  1 files      87 downloads
~Scupper 26 with Concrete Box Spec Sheet
  1 files      68 downloads
~Scupper 36 with Stainless Box Spec Sheet
  1 files      84 downloads
Video: Scupper in Action
  0 files      27 downloads
z-Solus ASTM Results
  1 files      441 downloads


Ordering, Lead Times & Shipping

  • Solus Water Features are available on line or direct through Solus to both homeowners and the trade.
  • In stock products will be ready to ship within 2 to 4 weeks, products poured to order within 6 to 8 weeks. If you have special requirements please contact our sales team to discuss options.
  • All water features are individually wrapped and crated in museum quality crates to ensure that they arrive to you in perfect condition. Orders within the greater Vancouver area are individually wrapped on pallets.

World wide shipping options include:

  •  Curbside delivery places your crates or pallets on the street in front of your location where they can be unpacked. Lifting of the products into place is not included with this delivery option.
  •  Airfreight by special request.

Please contact us to discuss specific shipping requirements and we will work with you to find a solution

You can download our specification drawings from the Specifications Documents tab of this page or visit the CADdetails website to view them.

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