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Hemi Firebowl

The Hemi is our flagship product.  It is what launched Solus into the fire pit world a dozen or more years ago.  We still hear from clients who have a Solus original from many years ago – still happily using their fire pits. We get many client reviews and testimonials such as “better than expected” and “after four Edmonton winters it is still in remarkedly good shape”.  Michael Johns goes onto say ” the firebowl has exceeded our expectations”.  For more reviews, visit our testimonials page.

Available in three sizes to suit any space these round, concrete fire pits add heat, atmosphere and simple beauty. Built to last, our ‘cross-jet’ gas burners provide ample flames.

Our firepit warranties are second to none. Hemi 26, 36 and 48, like all of our firepits, are fully certified CSA, ANSI, and CE. Two fuel types with manual or electronic start options allow these bowls to be used in any outdoor situation – for residential or commercial spaces.

Each fire bowl is available in 12 colours and can be paired with a full bed of fire stones, a hardwood tabletop or an all-weather fabric cover for added beauty and function. Another option is an all-metal fire ring/tabletop which can be used when the fire is on or off.  By simply reinserting the middle of the tabletop, the firepit can be used as a fully functional coffee table when there is no fire. The latest addition to the Solus accessory line is an all-glass shield to protect your flame against the wind.

Product Information


Please see our user guides for specific part information Natural Gas and Propane
  • Burner, support, and plate
  • Standard flexible gas line with flare fitting connector
  • Lava rock to cover entire surface
  • 40 Fire Stones for flame shaping
  • User Guide
  • Flange and Key – for manual start and adjustable electric start
  • Electronic ignitor and wiring box – for electric start only *NB A commercial grade propane kit including 15′ Hose and regulator is available for purchase as an accessory.


Hemi Fire Bowl Product Specifications

Hemi 26

Hemi 26 is the perfect way to add spark to intimate outdoor spaces. The smaller size of this fire bowl also makes it appropriate for grouping in more expansive projects. Standing 12.75″ tall, the Hemi 26 distributes its heat from a low vantage point providing a place to warm chilly legs and hands. Visually it has a solid, sculptural presence and holds its own in environments of any size.

Hemi 36

Hemi 36 creates an instant gathering place. As the first fire bowl that we developed it holds a special place in our hearts. Its round, generous form shows off the natural beauty of our smooth concrete and provides an inviting, modern focus for residential and commercial environments. Sitting at low table height, its generous flame provides warmth and sculptural interest.

Hemi 48

Hemi 48 is the biggest of our round fire pits. It commands attention and has the volume and presence to hold its own in open spaces. This fire bowl, with its smooth concrete walls and strong, fine edges, houses an ample flame. We designed this bowl in response to repeated requests for a fire pit that would be comfortable in larger scale commercial spaces. Used in smaller environments these large fire bowls make a strong visual statement.Past customers have often commented because of its shape and its inimitable finish it looks almost as good unlit as lit. It has often been called an art piece or an architectural statement piece. Technically  Solus concrete is classified as ultra high performance concrete which allows Solus to cast it very smooth, very thin and very elegant.  There is plenty of concrete out there but it is chunky, rough and doesn’t look anything like Solus and doesn’t have the strength or longevity of a Solus.   It extreme compressive strength allows for this unique finish.   (measuring at 10,000 Psi or 60 MPa for those interested in concrete technology ).

Product Details


Our natural gas fire pits are certified as ‘Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliances’ to Canadian CSA 2.41-2014 and American ANSI Z21.97-2014 standards. We also have full CE certification as EN 509:2000 – Decorative Fuel Effects Gas Appliances and EN 60335-1:2001 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances. Visit our UK site for more information on products available in Europe and the UK.


Each of our fire pits comes with an extensive warranty on workmanship and performance.  Warranties are extended with the purchase and use of one of our All-Weather covers.

Build Quality

Each burner is assembled and tested in our facility from non-corrosive brass, stainless steel, aluminum and thermoplast components.Propane fire pits are certified to ANSI standards. All propane burners are assembled in the USA from brass components and are individually tested to meet specific certification requirements. Each of our fire pits are hand cast from high performance, fibre-reinforced concrete which has been tested to ASTM standards. All concrete pieces are sealed with a penetrating sealer to minimize weathering. Table surfaces are treated with an extra protective coating to protect from prolonged exposure to food and drink spills.


  • Choose from 10 integral colours
  • 2 fuel options: Natural Gas and Liquid Propane
  • Hemi 48″ size has a high output burner option (twice the BTU’s)
  • 3 ignition types: Manual, Electronic and Adjustable Electronic
    • Manual (MLS)  –  Operates like a BBQ, turn the gas on and light with a lighter, recommended for residential applications, has an adjustable valve so you can adjust your flame height – ask about the additional option of a manual ignition with a “flame supervision” device
    • Electronic (AUTO)  –  Turn it on and off with a switch or timer, flame is not adjustable, must run power to the firepit. Ideal for public commercial spaces
    • Adjustable (ADJ AUTO)  –  Same as the electronic (above) but has an adjustable valve on the firepit to customize the flame height
  • For Propane Only: hose with regulator and propane tank table.
  • Specially designed all-weather fabric covers protect your fire features year round, extending their life, maintaining their smooth finish and extending their warranties.
  • Concrete ring available to rest your drinks and canapes
  • Hardwood tabletops and all metal tabletops to turn your fire pit into a table to gather around.
  • All new glass wind shield 
  • Full beds of refractory fire stones.

Solus Hemi Gas Firepit in Backyard- marshyd reviewIncredible company to order from. I ordered the 36 Hemi firebowl to complete my backyard hardscape project. They were awesome to deal with. They provided great advice on colour choices. Never tried to upsell. The customer service was impeccable.The product itself is better than expected. The purchase and shipping process was quick and flawless.Highly recommend this product and company.marshyd (2018)

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