Fraser Mantel


Simple curves and clean lines define this adaptable fireplace surround that combines traditionally inspired detailing with smooth, modern concrete.



Fraser mantel

The addition of a mantel to the original Fraser results in a fireplace surround that has a very different character. With its curved, upturned mantel piece the surround possesses an elegant, traditional feel that can be adapted to suit a range of design sensibilities. As with the Fraser the manteled version is designed to be adjustable. Each one comes standard with 2 corner pieces, two mantel end pieces and 4 straight sections that can be cut to size on site. Additional leg, mantel and top sections can be added to increase height and width. This versatile fireplace surround can be used in conjunction with our tiles, panels and hearths to create a wide variety of layouts. Appropriate for use in residential and commercial projects indoors and out.

The Fraser mantel is a unique fireplace surround to hang.  It does require significant amounts of detailed planning prior to the installation.  For a full installation guide see our installation video and instructions. Solus fireplace mantels and surrounds are only sold throughout North America via our Canadian office in Vancouver.  Solus surrounds  are not sold through the UK office


  • Choose from 10 Solus integral, hand cast colours.
  • Additional corner, leg and cross pieces.

Product Details and Care


  • Each of our surrounds is hand cast  from high performance, fiber reinforced concrete which has been tested to ASTM standards.
  • All concrete pieces are sealed with a penetrating sealer to enhance the polish of the surface and minimize staining.
  • Concrete is naturally flame resistant and will not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to heat.


  • Concrete requires only a light dusting or occasional wipe with with warm water and a neutral , dilute cleaner. We also recommend an annual application of a suitable penetrating sealer. With proper care the surround will last as long as your building. (link to care)
  • Our surrounds are naturally stable and will be as strong as the substrate that they are adhered to once installed. Concrete is very strong but can be susceptible to chipping if knocked sharply with a hard object so please handle it with care.
  • Please Note: Although it is structurally strong and stable, concrete is susceptible to surface reaction with highly alkali and acidic substances.

You can download our specification drawings from the Documents section below or visit the CADdetails website to view them.

Specifications Documents

Looking for professional CAD drawings?  See our full portfolio on CAD Details

Title Download
*2-ETHANOL FIREPIT Installation and Operation Manual
  1 files      541 downloads
~FIREBOX Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      254 downloads
~FIREBOX Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      178 downloads
~FIRECUBE Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      190 downloads
~FIRETABLE Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      333 downloads
~FIRETABLE Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      119 downloads
~FIRETABLE Manual Spec Sheet
  1 files      372 downloads
~HALO 36 ELEV Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      434 downloads
~HALO 36 ELEV Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      253 downloads
~HALO 36 ELEV Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      322 downloads
~HALO 36 LOW Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      231 downloads
~HALO 36 LOW Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      279 downloads
~HALO 48 ELEV Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      550 downloads
~HALO 48 ELEV Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      213 downloads
~HALO 48 ELEV Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      356 downloads
~HALO 48 LOW Ethanol Spec Sheet
  2 files      175 downloads
~HALO 48 LOW Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      311 downloads
~HEMI 26 Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      59 downloads
~HEMI 26 Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      158 downloads
~HEMI 26 Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      296 downloads


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Solus Fraser concrete fireplace surround mantleSolus’ products are simply the highest quality and their service is always amazing. We are very proud to have such a great company in Vancouver, and to use their products here and abroad.

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