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Western Living Designers of the Year 2017

Western Living Designers of the Year 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Solus Decor have been selected as a finalist in Western Living Magazine’s Designers of the Year 2017




Western Living Designers of the Year 2017
WL Designers of the Year 2017




Solus Decor have been selected as a finalist within the industrial category with the key focus being around product design and we are among some fantastic designers within our category.  It is always an honor to be recognized for your design by the industry but it is particularly special when the focus is on your home town.  It means a huge amount to be part of Western Living’s initiative to recognize the talents of designers in Western Canada. Take a look at the finalists.



Take a look at our product entries for WL Designers of the Year 2017


Water Dome



The Water Dome

These water bowls feature polished metal domes that appear to float inside of concrete vessels. Water flows up through the center of each dome to run over the reflective surface of the hand-spun metal and then drop off the edges into the surrounding water creating sound. Like our concrete pieces, each metal dome is handmade and unique. The variations, inconsistencies and undulations characteristic of hand-spun metal create the beautiful water movement and reflections that define these water features.

The three dome sizes each have a different character as the curvature of the metal domes increases with their diameter. The Water Dome 26  has a modest curve that reads almost flat, reflecting its surroundings on its polished surface to create a pool like effect. With it’s wider surface the Water Dome 36 has a soft curve that bends and reflects light, arcing above the rim of the concrete bowl. As the largest dome the Water Dome 48 is generous and bold with a pronounced, rounded contour.



Scupper with Basin



The Scupper with Basin

An adaptation of our Scupper water bowls this version combines two concrete vessels to create a simple, self contained water feature. As with our original Scuppers, clean edged, mechanically formed metal and smooth concrete are brought to life by the liquid movement and pleasing sound of water. The Hemispherical bowl fills with water from a central hole in its base, creating a deep pool that spills out through the reflective channel of the scupper into the basin below. These water features can be used in any level location that has access to a standard electrical outlet. Appropriate for residential and commercial installation indoors and out.



Hemi with ring



The Hemi with Ring 

Expansions of the original Hemi line of Solus concrete fire pits the Ringed Hemis add a wide ringed surface to the top of our classic fire bowls to create contemporary fire tables. We designed the ring tops to respect the clean contours of the original bowls while providing a functional surface for small glasses and plates. A clean, modern reveal around the bottom edge of each ring adds visual lightness. The formal simplicity of these fire tables allow them to be used in a wide range of aesthetic settings. Available in 36″ and 48″ sizes to suit most spaces.



This year’s judging panel is made up of some exceptional names in the design industry, find out more about the panel.



The winners of each category will be announced on 31st August, thank you again to Western Living Magazine for selecting Solus Decor as a finalist