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Solus Decor Fireplaces

Fireplace Frequently Asked Questions


Choosing A Fireplace Surround

Are there other finishes available besides the Solus Signature Smooth Finish?

Yes. The other option would be to have your concrete product sandblasted. This is available for an additional charge that depends upon the surround you choose.

Does my colour sample directly reflect the final colour of my fireplace concrete product?

Concrete is a natural material. Solus products and individual peices in a single project will therefore vary slightly from each other and from approved samples. Colour variations and voids are inherent characteristics of concrete that add to its beauty and distinguish it from laminates, plastics, and painted surfaces..

Do different colours cost different amounts?

No. You may choose any of our 12 standard colours at no additional charge.

How do I know if a particular Solus fireplace surround will work with my fireplace?

In general, each Solus surround model has a maximum fireplace/firebox opening dimension that it will accommodate. If your fireplace does not exceed these dimensions, it will fit in principle. Aesthetically however, you must decide if the sizing is going to work. It is a good idea to use the dimensions on the Solus spec sheet for your chosen model and mark out the area around your fireplace with painter’s tape to see what it looks like in proportion to your wall and room. Please refer to our Fireplace Measure-up Guide for more details.

Delivery & Installation

How long will it take to get my fireplace surround?

Some of our fireplace surrounds are in stock and available on our quick ship program which ship out in 10 business days.  Fireplace surrounds and tiles not in stock must be  poured to order and will ship within 4-6  weeks.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery cost is dependent on your location and will be priced at the time of your quote.

How should my site be prepared?

An ideal installation site is a clean wall made of a sound, solid substrate. Drywall will not provide an acceptable bonding surface. We recommend plywood (for zero clearance fireplaces) or cement board, however, existing brick, concrete, or stone may also be suitable. For detailed preparation instructions, please see our fireplace Installation Guide.

How are fireplaces installed?

In short, fireplace surrounds are installed using a combination of industrial adhesive and/or thinset plus mechanical brackets that are provided with your surround. For detailed instructions, please refer to our Fireplace Installation Guide and our fireplace installation video.

Who can install these surrounds?

Stone masons and tile setters will likely have a reasonable familiarity with the skills and tools required. However, nearly anyone familiar with basic tools and materials can install these fireplaces as long as proper care is taken. Installations will require two people for some of the lifting. We recommend that whoever is installing the fireplace should thoroughly read our Fireplace Installation Guide before proceeding.

How much will installation cost?

Many installers will not give a fixed priced quotes on installations. This is due to the high demand for trades and the number of variable specific to each individual site. Therefore, installations are often charged on a per-person per-hour plus materials basis.

How long does a typical installation take to complete?

Generally, installations take two people 1 – 2 days to complete depending on site conditions.

How heavy is the typical fireplace surround and I should be concerned about the weight?

The scientific answer is 150lbs per cubic foot. Solus fireplace surrounds are substantial looking and feeling, however, most pieces are not cast solid. An engineered cavity cast into the backs of the surrounds reduces overall weight without compromising the aesthetic. Solus fireplace surrounds will never feel hollow or ‘fake’. Surrounds generally weigh between 300 – 800 pounds in total, something like a piano, or four large men.

Care and Maintenance

What sort of maintenance is required?

Very little maintenance should be required other than dusting. For higher traffic areas such as hearths and mantels, you may have to apply additional sealer from time-to-time (every 1 to 2 years). Other areas may never require additional sealing. Spills should be wiped up immediately. Water and soot marks may be cleaned off by lightly buffing dry with a Scotch-Brite green pad.

Does concrete stain?

Yes. Solus concrete is exceptionally strong, dense and it is sealed against water and contaminants with a penetrating sealer. However, concrete is, by nature, a porous material and therefore, susceptible to staining. Prolonged contact with overly acidic, alkali or heavily pigmented substances should be avoided. If proper care is taken, your concrete decor item will last a lifetime.

They are factory sealed with a penetrating sealer. We recommend that a final coat of sealer be applied after installation is complete. The concrete of your new fireplace surround is naturally very durable and sealed for stain resistance. We use Fabrikem Fabrishield 760 or Miracle Seal Impregnator to seal the product depening on the application.  They are penetrating sealers and are very easy to apply and invisible once it dries.

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