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Modern & Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds and Mantels(indoor and outdoor)

Whether it is a simple, stand alone fireplace mantel, surround or a grand feature wall, hand cast concrete is the ideal material for contemporary fireplaces. Naturally durable, it requires little maintenance beyond an occasional dusting, and will age gracefully, likely outlasting the house itself.
Concrete is naturally stable – even in the heated environment surrounding a fireplace, a Solus fireplace mantel will exude luxury without toxicity, off-gassing only water in its lifetime. It’s excellent thermal mass qualities allow it to absorb and redistribute the heat from your fireplace. Of course, a hand cast concrete fireplace surround is also non-flammable, which means you won’t have to compromise on your design to meet the clearance requirements typical for wood-burning and designer gas fireplaces.

Is it heavy? Only when you’re carrying it.

Solus concrete marries the visual weight of old world stone to the sleek lines of contemporary fireplace design. A Solus fireplace mantel used in combination with our hand cast concrete tile and hearth options can transform an ordinary fireplace into a stunning design centerpiece.
As each piece is individually cast and finished by hand, your fireplace mantel and surround will be a truly one-of-a-kind focal point for your home.

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