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Outdoor fire pits gas
Firebox 30" - Solus

Vancouver fire pits;
Firebowl Hemi 26

Fire Pit Hemi 36" Firebowl

48" Fire Bowl
Fire Pit Hemi 48" Fire bowl

Halo 36

Solus Elevated Halo Firepit
Elevated Halo 36

Elevated Halo 48" Fire Pit Outdoor
Fire Pit Table 48" Elevated Halo

Outside propane fire pits

Fire Trough
Fire Trough

Spire Cinder Flame Multi

Firepit Gallery (outdoor)

Fuel Options

Table Tops
IPE Table Tops for Firepits

Firepit instruction videos

Fire pits for outdoor patios,decks and to connect your living space to the great outdoors.

Available in natural gas, propane and now ethanol ( bio fuel ).  Options include manual lit or electronic start.  Fire pits are the number one design feature sought by clients for outdoor living spaces according to the ASLA ( American Association of Landscape Architects ). There are few better ways to create conversation, atmosphere and warmth in an outdoor space than with the flickering glow of an open fire pit. Solus Concrete Fire Pits are spectacular contemporary vessels cast in our proprietary high-performance concrete – this ensures exceptional outdoor functionality and Solus’ inimitable aesthetic. Our hand cast and hand finished fire pits built in Vancouver Canada are not only exceptionally beautiful, they are durable enough to withstand North American winters and weather gracefully. Our ultra high performance concrete has been tested ( see ASTM tests - ) and the burners inserted into the Solus fire pits range from 50,000 btus or 120,000 btus depending on the model.  Other options include protective glass for commercial applications and different media options such as stone, lava and glass plus ipe wood tops ( which convert your fire pit into a functional coffee table for times when fire is not required)  for some models. We can also design and fabricate a custom fire pit for you should our extensive range not suit – our most significant fire feature was just shy of 11 feet and required 8 of us to move it around the shop ( a little under 700 lbs ).  We are always up for a challenge !

Solus Concrete Fire Pits are modern updates of traditional wood-burning fire pits utilizing clean burning fuels and may be used in most regions, even where wood burning may be prohibited. Wood burning fire pits are always on the radar of governmental officials and have been banned throughout Canada, the US and many other parts of the world. Each municipality, county, province or state has it’s own regulations it is generally accepted that a non combustible vessel ( such as a Solus concrete fire pit ) is more acceptable than a wood burning fire pit.

We ship our fire pits complete with your choice of burner: natural gas, propane or bio fuel burner.   Natural gas and liquid propane fire pit burners are built for outdoor use in Canada and the U.S. and require a simple, approved gas hookup. The bio fuel burner is a fairly new entrant into the fire pit world can be used outdoor or even INDOORS as there is no venting or chimney required. All of our  fire pits are custom crated and individually wrapped to ensure arrival at your door in one piece. Our shipping is second to none and our arrival rate ( arrives at your doorstep in one piece and without damage ) last year was 100%. Important consideration when you are considering that this appliance is a significant investment. We also have a number of options available including Sunbrella fabric custom covers, Ipe ( hardwood ) table tops and options on the media.  Our outdoor fire pits are shipped worldwide.

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